Looking for Seed Sessions at OFU 2018

For the fifth time since the event first launched in 2013, the Online Facilitation Unconference (OFU) will take place this October 15-21, once again alongside and as part of International Facilitation Week.

We have first few dozen participants signed up, once again coming from all around the world. Read through our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to learn more and then register.

This year, we’re introducing a few minor changes to the overall format based on feedback we received last year. We will be offering a few pre-scheduled “warm-up” sessions earlier in the week (roughly Tuesday through Thursday, details to be announced) to give participants a chance to:

  • Put something on their calendar (before the unconference schedule starts to emerge later in the week)
  • Meet a first few of their fellow participants
  • Get exposed to key virtual facilitation topics (this is particularly relevant for beginners)
  • Get their creative juices flowing with regard to potential session topics they want to see at the unconference

These sessions could take various forms and would look something like this:

  • Take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes
  • Delivered by one or two hosts/presenters
  • Cover a tool, concept, project or story (or whatever else comes to mind) related to facilitation in the virtual realm
  • Provide participants with food for thought

If you’re interested in hosting one of these sessions, please get in touch. Presenters will receive a small honorarium plus free entry to OFU for themselves and one friend.

We hope to start announcing the first sessions early next week. Thanks!