Become a sponsor of OFU20!

Here’s what’s included in the sponsor package:

  • Opportunity to host one ore more sessions over the course of the week (e.g., demo, guided tour)
  • Sponsor logo/blurb/URL featured on OFU website, registration, key emails, attendee-only event hub
  • Mentions on social media (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn group)
  • Mentions on attendee-only event hub
  • Opportunity to share special offer and/or discount code with attendees
  • Free OFU20 entry for up to 5 employees
  • OFU20 discount code to share with your networks

To the extent possible, we ask our sponsors to help promote the event to people in their network who share an interest in our particular topic (facilitation in virtual environments). We’ll leave the details – if, when, and to whom – completely up to you. Could be anything from a simple retweet, to a mention in your newsletter, to personally inviting certain subject matter experts etc. Whatever you think is appropriate.


Attendees come from diverse backgrounds, including facilitation, community engagement, education, and the business world. They join from all around the globe and bring a rich variety of skill sets and different levels of familiarity with virtual facilitation, covering the full range from newbies to seasoned experts.

We expect to see a lot of new faces this year, namely those who – until very recently – were still on the fence about meaningful online group work but have now been forced to jump in with both feet due to the pandemic.

We’re aiming for 400+ participants.


At its core, OFU is an unconference, meaning the majority of the program will be created by the participants in real time. The unconference sessions will take place in the second half of the week, Thursday through Saturday.

To help get things started, we will offer a handful of pre-scheduled “warm-up” sessions, which will take place earlier in the week (Monday through Wednesday).

New this year, we will offer a mix of sponsored sessions from leading technology providers, e.g., demos, guides tours, or cases studies. Ideally, these will also take place earlier in the week, as we try to encourage our participants to explore these tools further during the unconference and integrate them into their sessions where appropriate. How a tech exhibitor structures their session(s) in terms of duration and format is completely up to them.


OFU is a BYOT (bring your own technology) event, meaning session hosts are instructed to use and combine the tools and platforms that best fit their needs. In the past, this has worked really well as it allows everyone to get exposed to a variety of technology options over the course of the event and experience them in context.

We do, however, provide the central event hub for attendees to share and discuss topic ideas, manage the schedule, and document outcomes.

Ticket pricing

Our goal is to make this event accessible for anyone who is interested in virtual facilitation.

We’re still working out the details but tickets will definitely be under $100 per person at the top, with discounts for early bird registration. For example, last year’s at-the-door tickets (our most expensive) were $49.

Like in previous years, we will offer a “pay what you like” option for low and no income attendees. About 10% of our attendees have taken advantage of this option in the past.