Welcoming QiqoChat as Gold Sponsor

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QiqoChat – Online Facilitation Unconference 2017 gold sponsor

We’re excited to announce QiqoChat as our first gold sponsor. Here’s what they’re up to:

QiqoChat is a collaboration platform that helps online communities organize from the bottom-up. The emphasis is on peer-to-peer communication using these tools: a shared Google calendar to keep people updated, Zoom video chats with breakout rooms to enable small-group conversations; a shared newsletter where all members can add one link per week. Integrate with Slack, Facebook, Google Groups, and listservs to help your members get your group’s information when and where they need it.

The QiqoChat team brings extensive experience hosting online Open Space Technology (OST) events, and we greatly value their support.

The Online Facilitation Unconference remains a 100% BYOT (bring your own tool) event, meaning session leads are completely free to decide on the online meeting or collaboration tool and choose the ones they prefer best. In the past, this has included services such as Skype, Google hangouts, Adobe Connect, WebEx, but also ye olde phone conference and many others.

This year, the QiqoChat platform will – at the very least – serve as a fallback option for session hosts and participants who don’t want use other options (or don’t have easy access to alternatives).

Of course, everyone is still free to introduce whichever tools or services they think fit best for their group, topic and session.

We highly encourage participants to make their specialized (and sometimes quite costly) tools available to others, to the extent that that’s feasible.

Interested in joining as a sponsor? Check Eventbrite for rates.

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