What Our Attendees Hope to Share & Learn

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We have 100+ people from 25+ countries signed up for the Online Facilitation Unconference 2017, and we’re asking them to name a few things they’d like to share or learn, or what types of people they hope to meet and connect with next week.

Below are some of the answers we’ve received so far (minor edits for clarity where necessary):

Something I’d like to share…

  • After-action review process for facilitating lessons learned
  • Playful facilitation using applied improvisation ice breakers
  • Web surveys on things like network values
  • The blended setup of a multi-month learning course, working with WordPress as learning tool
  • A new software that provides a template for facilitation and coaching conversations
  • Facilitating drop-in, pop-up, informal etc. sessions
Something I’d like to learn about…
  • “I’m part of a team working to design a circle model for people organizing for [a certain cause]. We have done in-person circles and want to learn about possibilities for virtual circles as well.”
  • Possibilities of digital tools in facilitation processes & how to combine them with face-to-face facilitation
  • How to host very compelling meetings through Skype, Google hangouts, etc.
  • “I would love to find out more about what can allow people to build trust and a sense of deep connection with a small group of people in a virtual meeting space over the space of multiple months.”
  • How to facilitate between two board rooms at two locations
  • Different models of facilitation and how to facilitate well online
  • Interested in other’s applications of online discussion formats

People I’d like to connect with…

  • Virtual facilitation software gurus
  • Businesses and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area who are looking for facilitation support
  • Skilled online facilitators who are consultants and might want to work with me on projects
  • Collaboration professionals, coaches and UX experts
  • Connect with people across the globe. Interested in meeting people who are involved using facilitation in collective impact, human centered design and civic issues
  • People interested in spirituality, healing, and social justice

Sound interesting? Register to attend.

We’ll update this post as more responses come in.

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