What Will the Schedule Look Like for Online Facilitation Unconference?

Update 10/14: See the 2017 session plan!

That is the top question we’ve been getting asked over the past few days, and while there’s some information available in the FAQ, here’s a more updated outline of how next week will likely shape up:

Monday, October 16

Regular tickets sales end at 12pm noon Pacific Time (extended, was to end today, originally).

Sometime in the afternoon, registered attendees will receive an invitation via email to join an online venue where they can:

  • introduce themselves and describe their interests
  • suggest and discuss session ideas
  • schedule sessions (to take place between Thursday evening and mid-day Saturday Pacific Time)

Sometime in the evening we may offer the first of several live orientation sessions, most likely via Zoom. These will be around 30 minutes long and will go over the unconference format, available infrastructure etc. It will also be an opportunity for attendees to make the first few personal connections.

Tuesday, October 17

Introductions and session brainstorming continues. This is an asynchronous activity so everyone can join in whenever they have time available.

Over the course of the day, we will host one or two live orientation sessions.

Wednesday, October 18

Yet more introductions and session brainstorming. At this point, we should start to see a good number of sessions being added to the unconference schedule.

Over the course of the day, we will host another one or two live orientation sessions. At this point, mostly everyone should have had a chance to attend one of these. Of course, the OFU team will be available to answer any additional questions, either via email or in the online venue we will provide.

We may have a few pre-scheduled sessions on offer for either Wednesday or Thursday, details are still being confirmed.

Thursday, October 19

Absolutely last chance to register for the event (last-minute rate ends at 12pm noon Pacific Time).

The first round of unconference sessions will take place during our first session slot (see the FAQ for more on how we came up with these times):

  • Evening slot, 4-7pm Pacific Time

We will make sure all sessions get documented and reported so those who could not attend can still find out about what happened.

Friday, October 20

Unconference sessions will take place during three time slots:

  • Night slot, 12-3am Pacific Time
  • Morning slot, 8-11am Pacific Time
  • Evening slot, 4-7 pm Pacific Time

Of course, the schedule is never really closed. Sessions may bring up ideas for more sessions. The discussion in our online venue will continue.

Saturday, October 21

Unconference sessions will take place during these two time slots:

  • Night slot, 12-3am Pacific Time
  • Morning slot, 8-11am Pacific Time

There will also be some kind of closing activities, details to be confirmed.

Sunday, October 22

No activities planned but think of it as some kind of buffer or overflow area in case there’s some unfinished business we need to take care of.

* * *

So, that’s the rough agenda in a nutshell. Please try to make room on your calendar for the slots outlined.

One thing to note is that the three daily slots – morning, evening and night Pacific Time – have been picked to maximize collaboration across continents (Americas, Europe and Australasia). The more participants stay within these boundaries, the more likely it’ll be they’ll attract session attendees from around the world.

That said, if you have assembled a group of people around a hot topic and everyone is fired up and ready to go, feel free to pick a time, any time, that works best for your group. Just try to stick within the 48-hour period from Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon Pacific Time.

More details to be announced as they become available.

Questions? Leave a comment below, find us on Twitter or shoot us an email. Thanks!

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